Recycling at home

Reading residents have a red bin or box for recyclable waste, and a grey bin for waste that cannot be recycled. These are collected once a fortnight on alternate weeks.

Residents can also subscribe to the garden waste service to receive a green bin or bag which is collected once a fortnight.

What to do with your bins

Please place your bin, bag or box at the boundary of your property by 6am on the day of collection. All bin lids must be down for collection. We will not collect any waste not contained within the bin or left as excess at the side of the bin. Contact us on 0118 937 3787 if you have trouble moving your bin because of your age, illness or disability.

Place recyclable waste loose in the recycling bins, not in carrier bags or black bags. Please rinse out or clean off any food. Squash items to give you more room in your bin or box. We will not empty recycling bins containing non-recyclable items. 

If you received a red tag on your recycling bin, please visit re3 for further information.

Find out what happens to your waste once we have collected it.

Will you introduce kerbside glass recycling?

Separating glass from the kerbside collection would require additional investments to the material recycling facility and modifying and purchasing new trucks. It is our intention to manage waste in the most efficient ways possible. Our current assessment suggests that collecting glass in separate containers is currently more cost effective, and allows us to recycle it into higher grade glass products. This brings additional value to our recycling process.

We continue to review the potential of adding collecting more recyclable materials from the kerbside.