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Tenancy information

Introductory tenancy

This is a 12-month trial period which lets you show you can stick to a tenancy agreement. If you break the terms, we may extend the trial period or - in serious cases - evict you. If you pass this stage, you will become a secure tenant, with the extra rights they have.

Introductory tenants cannot carry out any alterations or improvements to their property (except painting and decorating).

Secure tenancy

Secure tenants can:

  • stay living in their home as long as they like
  • ask for permission to sublet, take in lodgers or improve their home
  • pass on their tenancy to a family member or exchange their home with another council tenant
  • buy their home

If you break your agreement, we can demote your tenancy. You would then have similar rights to an introductory tenant.

Gas safety

We have to carry out a free annual gas safety check in your property. The check usually takes less than an hour. We will write to let you know when the check is due. It is part of your tenancy agreement that you let us carry out these safety checks.

Ending your tenancy

You must give at least four weeks' notice, ending on a Monday. We will arrange to come and inspect your home before you leave. You must pay your rent in full and contact your utility providers so they can close your accounts for the address.

Passing on your tenancy

You should read our pdf icon factsheet on assigning a tenancy [350kb]. You can pass on your tenancy to a spouse, civil partner or family member if they have lived with you for the past 12 months and it is their only home.

You can apply to take on the tenancy (succeed the tenancy) of your home if the former named tenant has died.

Contact us if your relationship with your partner breaks down and you are not sure who should get the house.

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