Tenancy information and agreement

About your tenancy agreement

Understanding your tenancy agreement and general information about your tenancy.

Types of tenancies (sections 1, 2 and 3)

Introductory and secure tenancies, and their general conditions and summary of rights.

Notice, permissions and complaints (section 4)

Information about notices served, and how to get permissions or send complaints.

Our responsibilities (section 5)

Our responsibilities as your landlord.

Your key rights (section 5)

Your rights as a council tenant.

Rents and other payments (section 6)

Your responsibilities around rent, service charges, and other payments.

Repairs, maintenance and improvements (section 7)

Your responsibilities for repairs, maintenance, and improvements, and how to get permissions.

Living in and around your home (section 8)

Flooring, lofts, keeping your garden tidy, fencing, parking and vehicle access, and running a business from home.

Living in a safe and healthy home (section 9)

Safety in and around your home, preventing accidents and fires, dealing with pets and infestations, and keeping animals and pets.

Living in your community (section 10)

Respecting others, nuisance and disturbances, antisocial behaviour, hate crime, and criminal activity.

Ending your tenancy or moving house (section 11)

How to end your tenancy or move home.

Data protection (section 12)

How we handle, process, and store your personal information.

Glossary: meaning of words

Terms and definitions used in the tenancy agreement.