Schemes and initiatives – cars

The cars and network management schemes and initiatives contained in the Reading Transport Strategy 2040 aim to improve the borough’s roads, reduce congestion, and improve air quality.  

Reading’s population has grown significantly over the last few years, and the council have undertaken a number of key schemes to improve the quality and availability of the road network through schemes such as: 

  • Improvements to Cow Lane Bridges 
  • Introduction of Red Routes 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 
  • Eastern Area 20mph 
  • Traffic Signal Upgrades  

Reading has identified a number of schemes that will provide benefits to all road users including smoothing traffic flow, more reliable journey times and critically improve air quality. These include: 

  • Highway Maintenance and Resurfacing 
  • Cross-Thames Travel 
  • Demand Management    
  • Parking Schemes and Management 
  • Road Safety Schemes 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging 

Our car and network management schemes and initiatives can be found below.   

Last updated on 25/09/2023