Council tenants

Tenancy information and agreement

Find information about keeping your home safe, your key rights and responsibilities and get advice on notices, permissions and complaints.

Rent payment advice

Find out the different ways to pay rent and get advice if you are struggling to pay rent or other housing related charges such as council tax or service charges

Repairs and fire safety

Find information about your right to repair and your responsibilities; how to deal with damp and mould, requesting a repair or gas safety appointment and fire safety in tower blocks

Council garages

Apply to rent a council garage or request a council garage repair

Landlord services performance

Access information on how Reading Borough Council is performing as a landlord and the housing service standards

Right to buy

Find out if you qualify to buy your council home and how to make an application to do so

Personal safety and community concerns

Get advice on dealing with domestic abuse, noise nuisance and reporting antisocial behaviour

Ending or updating your tenancy

Tell us about the death of a tenant, or a change in the members of your household; and get advice on succession of a tenancy (taking over a tenancy)

Moving home

Get advice on how to find an alternative council home, how to mutually exchange your home and what to do if you are under occupying your council home

Local lettings policies

Details on policies that exist to manage some of our communities in Reading

Housing adaptation policy for council tenants

Guidelines around making adaptations to your council home

Useful contact information

Access the contact details for a range of council housing teams you may wish to reach out to

Home contents insurance

Find out how to get important insurance to cover your belongings and potential recharge costs

Request permission

Get permission to get a pet, take in a lodger, put up a structure or make alterations to your home